It's never been easier for guests to rally friends.

Devoo provides plug-and-play tools that live on your website and beyond, boosting brand advocacy with rewards that drive sales.


Reward your fans

Rally Rewards give fans a reason to share your events. The more friends a fan rallies, the better rewards they'll receive. Better yet, those friends can rally their own friends, and on it goes.



No two fans have the same impact. Devoo identifies your biggest fans, quantifies their impact, and gives you the tools to keep them rallying their friends.


quickLY Plug in

Devoo takes less than five minutes to set up and seamlessly fits into how you already market. The widget automatically syncs your existing events and provides an easy portal to manage rewards.


streamline Coordination

Send all of your fans and event marketing to your website where they can rally friends and buy tickets without bouncing to outside platforms, keeping fans engaged with your messaging and brand partners.


Delight sponsors

Surprise brand sponsors and partners with co-branded Rally Rewards, targeted engagements, and curated fan experiences powered by Devoo.